Interns blast off and heading for space!

Three talented interns from the University of Queensland have grasped the opportunity to go from books to designing, building and launching a real rocket.

Bryan Greenham, Jesse Cilliers and Isabelle Fleming have cherished the prospect that their work on Brisbane radio station Hit 105’s promotion “Out of this world proposal” will be integral to not only the launch, but also the planning, logistics and recovery.

The interns are a part of the Logan based company Black Sky Aerospace (BSA) team and have been tasked with helping to deliver the most unique wedding proposal.

The Hit FM 105 “Out of this world proposal” will launch a rocket with a $20,000 wedding ring on board and it will happen at the BSA testing and launch facility called Funny Farm, which is located about five hours west of Brisbane at Goondiwindi. The launch will take place on 13 September and be broadcast live for the Stav, Abby and Matt breakfast show. 

CEO of Black Sky Aerospace, Blake Nikolic said “even though Hit 105 will be doing this promotion through Australian Rocketry, the company that supplies rocketry and launch venues for amateur rocketeers, the BSA interns will learn a lot from collaborating on a real project”.

“The guys (interns) are essentially on loan to Australian Rocketry to get them in to the mindset of how a rocket launch campaign will work” continued Mr Nikolic.

Black Sky Aerospace Communications Manager, Rob Libeau added “it is fantastic that Australia’s talent is now able to see potential employment in aerospace right here in Australia, instead of going overseas to work.”

Intern Bryan Greenham, who is a mechatronics student at UQ said “the prospect that we are involved in the design and build is one thing, but the opportunity to get an understanding of a project from ground zero to wrap up and all things along way is exciting and great for our careers.”

Hit105 Out of This World Proposal with Australian Rocketry and Black Sky Aerospace Interns

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