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Delivering Capability Overmatch

Black Sky Aerospace (BSA) is Australia’s leading propellant manufacturer and launch service provider.

Operating a completely sovereign engineering design and manufacturing facility that is dedicated to the production of propellant, solid rocket motors, launch vehicles and common tactical boosters.

BSA is uniquely equipped to serve the interests of the Australian Defence Force and its allies through the rapid and flexible design, manufacture, testing, qualification, and launch of high-speed, long-range, cost-effective munitions, at scale.

In November 2018, BSA launched Australia’s first commercial payload, and in December 2020 became the first-and-only Australian company with the capability and the license to manufacture large scale solid rocket motors (including motors over 1 tonne).

BSA was the proud recipient of five major industry awards in 2020, including the Defence Aerospace Business of the Year and the Space Operations Business of the Year.


Sub Orbital Launches

BSA has a range of Sounding Rockets, capable of flights up to 300km in multistage configurations. With access to a number of launch ranges across Australia and overseas, BSA facilitates payloads for all industries.


BSA designs and manufactures a range of propulsion systems for use in rockets and sub-orbital launch vehicle applications. Areas of expertise include solid rocket motors and sub-orbital payload delivery systems with development in place for orbital systems.


BSA affordable orbital services are designed to carry small sats to LEO and SSO with rapid deployment capabilities. Utilising BSA's proprietary solid fueled motors, orbital vehicles will be available in 3 and 4 stage configurations and set to launch by 2024.

Telemetry and Avionics

BSA has a range of commercial and proprietary avionics and telemetry systems. Utilising a variety of technologies and frequencies, data can be transmitted and processed in real time.

Development and Testing

BSA develop projects from the ground up and maintain a number of testing rigs to determine viability and success of projects before they even leave the ground.

Consultation & Custom Services

BSA offers a range of consulting services including risk management, range and airspace management, simulations plus more. Whether you have an existing project that requires enhancing or need customisation, BSA has the solution.

Redefining Space

Black Sky Aerospace, helping YOU redefine space

We live in a complex world with diverse requirements. BSA works with YOU, to redefine space as we know it. BSA knows that every customer is different and our team can assist every step along the way to meet your desired goals.

From inception, through to integration and deployment, BSA success is delivered through proactive communication with key stakeholders to identify and validate project needs to meet strategic and operational requirements.

Contact Info

  •   +61 (0)7 3077 6861 (AUS)
  •   +1 646 941 1730 (USA)
  •   info@bsaero.space


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Licenses, awards and partnerships

BSA holds explosives licenses for: Manufacture | Test | Sell | Use Import | Export | Store.
BSA operates a quality management system that conforms to AS9100D.

Industry Leaders

BSA is the proud recipient of a number of prestigious Awards, including the 2020 Defence Aerospace Business of the Year, and the 2020 Space Operations Business of the Year.


Strategic Partners