Black Sky Aerospace

What We Do


BSA offers a number of signature propellant formulas that provide a range of performance characteristics, from long duration burns to high total thrust to high peak thrust. All of our formulas and proprietary processes are 100% sovereign and ITAR-free.

For specific energetics performance requirements, BSA has in-house capability to collaboratively develop custom formulas to meet particular characteristics. BSA can also manufacture propellant on a build-to-print model under license, and provide unlabelled products for customer rebranding and use.

Contact BSA to arrange a confidential discussion about your requirements.


BSA has a distinctive set of vertically integrated capabilities than spans the launch systems’ value chain. This includes the sovereign production of high-performance propellants, solid rocket motors, complete vehicles, common-use boosters, through to launch services including launch approvals and private launch sites. The breadth and depth of BSA’s capabilities enables rapid development and complete control of mission performance through any stage of the life cycle.

  • A range of formulas to suit specific mission profiles
  • Rocket motor geometry design to meet custom burn characteristics
  • High volume manufacturing


  • High performance, cost effective product range
  • Design, test and delivery of custom motor configurations


  • Light weight, modular design for easy customisation
  • Interchangeable avionics and telemtry packages


  • Mobile launch platforms
  • Private launch sites up to 3 million acres
  • Regulatory launch approvals